My bestie got me to reading We are Legion (We are Bob), a delightful sci fi tale where the fantasies of  transhumanists and futurists go quirkily astray. The main character is a cryogenics customer who gets resurrected in an interplanetary dystopia as a simulated version of himself that feels fairly convincing, except when it does not.

This Brain Dissection video is… hey you get to see what happens if you donate your brain to science.
Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.00.51 PM

I’ve skipped ahead for you in the Mapping the Connectome talk to a really interesting theory on brain folding…

Also area 55b is worth specific attention to appreciate the findings of the Human Connectome Project

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web 3

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web 2

OK, I just got my first pole and so to celebrate this 3rd post of Aerial and Movement Art will focus on art of pole dancers! Let’s jump right in.

Instagrammer and Etsy artist Hannah Pretswell  She herself is a pole artist. Shown is a commission done for @sampope21.  She has created a couple of very lovely coloring books that she sells in her store. You can see some of the pages on her instagram.

Etsy artist Sophie Rey calls this design “Chest Stand Girl”. This artist has a series of watercolors of pole dancers  and also has designs from other movement arts including yoga and acro. 

Nikkie Stinchcombe was commissioned to create a series of paper sculptures for Pole Fitness Studio in Oakville, Ontario. Very cool! 

Melissa Lyn is a freelance artist aptly describes her work as “bold, bright colors as well as heavily- layered realism and surrealist effects”. 

Blogger Marco Angelis does art on a wide array of subject matter including a series on the erotic, and works in many mediums.


Leen Isabel has an amazing art portfolio, and she has created a very lovely series of artwork depicting pole because of her love of it. She also cosplays and writes a web comic {Shown below}. Shown: “Take Flight” Pencil, Digital Painting. The artist created this work inspired by her teacher, Nadia Sharif.


“The original webcomic about Pole Dancing!” by Leen Isabel

On Drinking Alone by Moonlight

On Drinking Alone by Moonlight
by  Li Po (701 AD-762 AD)

Here are flowers and here is wine,
But where’s a friend with me to join
Hand in hand and heart to heart
In one full cup before we part?

Rather than to drink alone,
I’ll make bold to ask the moon
To condescend to lend her face
The hour and the scene to grace.

Lo, she answers, and she brings
My shadow on her silver wings;
That makes three, and we shall be.
I ween, a merry company

The modest moon declines the cup,
But shadow promptly takes it up,
And when I dance my shadow fleet
Keeps measure with my flying feet.

But though the moon declines to tipple
She dances in yon shining ripple,
And when I sing, my festive song,
The echoes of the moon prolong.

Say, when shall we next meet together?
Surely not in cloudy weather,
For you my boon companions dear
Come only when the sky is clear.”

Julia Watson