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context collapse

“Context collapse “ refers to the infinite audience possible online as opposed to the limited groups a person normally interacts with face to face.” It’s an academic term, coined by danah boyd [sic]. Jenny L Davis and Nathan Jurgenson introduce the idea of power to context collapse, calling it context collision. Context collision is when a party uses their greater power — more users, more time to stoke flames of trolling, their role in media — to force audiences to collapse.” -@tressiemcphd

Autumn within 


The leaves in me are falling too, 
Bare branches breaking up the sky,
Dormant seeming to the eyes,
Yet underneath I grow my roots.

The harvest in me is ready too,
Dreaming of an afterlife,
Bite of frost or bite of teeth,
I know its coming soon.

The wind in me is blowing too,
With beating wings of butterflies,
Singing relief from summer’s heat,
A chill that wakes as it subdues.

Autumn puts music in the soul,
That starts the dance that’s macabre,
With leaps and turns and spinning too,
See how alive we are who die.

Poem by me, art is Brujeria by higherdepths (deviantart)

The New Freedom: A Call for the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People

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“All over the Union people are coming to feel that they have no control over the course of affairs. I live in one of the greatest States in the union, which was at one time in slavery. Until two years ago we had witnessed with increasing concern the growth in New Jersey of a spirit of almost cynical despair. Men said: “We vote; we are offered the platform we want; we elect the men who stand on that platform, and we get absolutely nothing.” So they began to ask: “What is the use of voting? We know that the machines of both parties are subsidized by the same persons, and therefore it is useless to turn in either direction.”

This is not confined to some of the state governments and those of some of the towns and cities. We know that something intervenes between the people of the United States and the control of their own affairs at Washington. It is not the people who have been ruling there of late.

Why are we in the presence, why are we at the threshold, of a revolution? Because we are profoundly disturbed by the influences which we see reigning in the determination of our public life and our public policy. There was a time when America was blithe with self-confidence. She boasted that she, and she alone, knew the processes of popular government; but now she sees her sky overcast; she sees that there are at work forces which she did not dream of in her hopeful youth.

Don’t you know that some man with eloquent tongue, without conscience, who did not care for the nation, could put this whole country into a flame? Don’t you know that this country from one end to the other believes that something is wrong? What an opportunity it would be for some man without conscience to spring up and say: “This is the way. Follow me!”—and lead in paths of destruction!

The old order changeth—changeth under our very eyes, not quietly and equably, but swiftly and with the noise and heat and tumult of reconstruction.”

“Good temper, the wisdom that comes of sober counsel, the energy of thoughtful and unselfish men, the habit of co-operation and of compromise which has been bred in us by long years of free government, in which reason rather than passion has been made to prevail by the sheer virtue of candid and universal debate, will enable us to win through to still another great age without violence.”


Status updates:

  • Freeze drying experiments have been underway. Mixed fruit was the first batch, ice cream bars the second, and chili is now in for the third. Mixed results. Fruit seemed fine, but the portion that was put in mylar with an oxygen absorber must have had some moisture in it so it went bad. Ice cream bars are tasty, but exploded. I bet the chili is gonna be nice though.
  • Made a few iterations of felt fairies. Some debate with partner about the difference between fairies and angels, haha. Needed more pipe cleaners, so those are on the way. Looking forward to finishing the mobile and moving on to trying to make little booties and hats.
  • Going to pick up the cross-stitch back up while I wait for the pipe cleaners to arrive.
  • Aerial rig has been up, had a few sessions of aerial work. However, overall, have not been doing as well staying active as last month. Autumn means great weather for silks though.
  • Ben has been very busy printing out his expandohedrons and we will be working on documenting that this weekend.
  • Want to recommit to studying Japanese since we will likely be going to Japan for our honeymoon.
  • Ice ballet is planted in the garden, but I’m worried I didn’t keep it watered enough. Hard to tell when the plant is going to “die” regardless- won’t know unless until time for it to bloom in the spring.
  • Enjoying Seven Eves by Neal Stephenson. Probably should be reading Ready Player One, but just couldn’t help myself.