Athos – Me vs. Athlean-x

I wasn’t even able to get through a quarter of the glute workout I posted. I am not surprised in the least. At least I had my handy Athos app telling me I did a great job, so that I wasn’t surprised that I’ve been sore from what I accomplished. My goal is now to be able to do the complete workout, without DOMS.

Anyhow, I am not sure that I trust my pant’s ability to detect my glute signals at the moment, although it claims to always be learning and updating, and I did see evidence that it was doing a progressively better job. However, I still feel that before and entirely throughout my workout, it was displaying way too many false positives for high intensity glute activiation, at least on the visual. I was surprised then, when the final analysis showed that I hadn’t reached my max with my glutes as I did the other muscles. So, I am guessing it corrected itself afterwards.

I managed to go 20 minutes for an active 15. My hamstrings apparently had the highest level of effort.

Set 1: 25 goblet squats with 15 lb
Set 2: 100 high knees
Set 3: 25 Plank circles R
Set 4: 25 Plank circles L
Set 5: 25 goblet squats with 15 lb
Set 6: 25 seconds pulsing Superman
Set 7: 100 high knees
Set 8: 50 hip thrusts
Set 9: 50 kick ups
Set 10: 25 goblet squats with 15 lb
Set 11: 10 Alternating lateral lunge R
Set 12: 10 Alternating lateral lunge L

As I provided the program this log, I thought maybe I would be able to link up the activation visuals with the exercise I was going at the time. It is going to be harder, but not impossible. Since I also took video of my form, I can compare time stamps of the video and suss out what caused what.



Planted some seeds. Hoping I’m doing the right thing by those seeds. I think it will be easier with the seeds that are direct sown. I think I’m supposed to wait until late March or April. It is pretty warm now and feels like a frost isn’t likely. However, the weather is so mercurial this time of year I suppose that it could. It was a beautiful day today though.

Followed the GMB Elements program today. Pretty proud of myself. I’m supposed to do it every day, but I don’t. Essentially it is 20 arm circles, 20 shoulder crossings, 20 “squat openers”, 20 leg lifts, 20 leg circles, 1 minute of elbow rotations on the floor, 1 minute of plank, 1 minute of putting weight on the back of my hands, 1 minute of putting weight with my fingers toward myself, 5 minutes of walking downward dog, 30 seconds cobra, 30 seconds L arm stretch, 30 seconds goalpost stretch, 30 seconds frog stretch. Hanged as much as I could on the pull up bar for a minute, did 3 sets of 2 pull ups, and 2 sets of 2 inverse pull ups. Followed a 20 minute dance cardio video, a splits video, and a backbend video by PsycheTruth, but to be honest, I didn’t feel like they were worth sharing. That’s not to say I recommend PsycheTruth videos in general because I do, but these just didn’t seem the usual quality. Anyways, it was a good day for my training program and I hope I can keep it up even whenever I finally start my new job.

I’m going to start reading Consider Phlebas by Iain Banks tomorrow.

State of Melanie 2/5/2018

Another day, another hustle.

I am still sore from that leg day I posted a couple days ago. It got me a little too bad. I think that I would like to be able to do that without getting so sore. But next time, I think I will add sets of glute bridges and hip thrusts to the beginning and end. As somewhat expected, my legs are killing but my glutes escaped the fire. Not completely, but they should feel what everything else feels.

I am going to start my day with a nice 30 minute intermediate yoga with “hamstring opening” boost from the down dog app.

Then I have 5 major goals for the day:

1. Check for newly posted jobs to apply

2. 2 hours of api documentation study

3. Try the solder iron method of bottle cutting

4. Arm day

5. Finish my cross stitch

Although the hot water to ice water method worked well enough with my hand scoring to give me a lot of confidence, for some reason, the bottles I have cut with the nice scoring tool, though sporting very lovely and even score lines, were way too stubborn and I had a zero success rate. I also tried the candle method, and also the string coated in acetone method. Ben showed me a video of a guy using a soldering iron. So! Let’s hope that works. I’m going to need a bunch of cut bottles before I can even think of getting candlemaking equipment.

In other news, Ben and I are putting off our wedding until next year. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to do that, but there is a lot we need to work out. Plus, we are having quite a few expenses happening with the house and car… and with me out of work currently… we’re probably going to be in a better place to have a nice wedding and honeymoon next year.

However, we may take an international trip of some kind! I would definitely love to. There are so many places to see.

Well, hopefully I’ll return with some cut bottles, finished cross stitch, and results from arm day. Until then.


Jovanica’s Hair Toys – 3d Printed Hair Clips

Very cool blog here~

Myriad Whimsies

A selection of 5 printed hair clips - forest green, royal blue, sunflower yellow, black, and striped red and blue

In 2007 I read a novella by Bruce Sterling called Kiosk.  The main character, Borislav, is a humble, limping man from a cold, Eastern European country who owns a street kiosk selling 3d printed tchotchkes.  A young girl called Jovanica is a regular customer – returning day after day with her pocket-money to buy 3d printed barrettes, hair clips and scrunchies – she’s the trend setter of the area.  She picks out the coolest hair toys and leads the next hair toy craze – with Borislav’s kiosk being the only supplier.

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