Butt Workouts

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Workout 2/3/2018

I thought it might be fun to post the workouts I do. I also should start using my athos pants again haha… hilarious to invest in such a thing and then not use it for years…

A couple days go I did a cycling class and my crotch is still bruised! I do love cycling as a cardio activity, but I think I’ll remember my bike shorts next time. The day before that, I did an arm strength workout at a “muggle gym” as my aerialist bestie calls them, and I’m still feeling it! So another leg day it is. Tomorrow, I will be going to a yin yoga class in the evening.

Anyways, today I used a set of Fitness blender workouts! This workout is based on doing 100 squat variations.

Warm-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoP-NeGtNMI

Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FNAoJpGbrI&feature=share

Cool-down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3rJ5AzoQzk

Result: I don’t anticipate getting very sore from this workout. That’s not said to detract from the efficacy of the workout, just a note that some workouts rip my muscles apart and some are more suitable for maintenance. In fact, I appreciate that it wasn’t too rough on me since I’ve already been putting myself through a lot. Despite a scary name like 100 squat challenge, it wasn’t too bad. However, I did miss a couple reps from falling down. I could use practicing some of these exercises more to remedy balance issues. Overall, a good workout that I think would be suitable for beginners on a good day or intermediates looking for a maintenance workout.

Edit: I take it back. Almost fell down the stairs. Had to hold the hand rail. Those were some sneaky gains!


I’ve started making testers of my aromatherapy blends. As I am not an aromatherapist- I should definitely stick to the recipes, and I will. I am just a tad surprised at how very delicate the scents are. At least I am not concerned that I am not diluting the oils enough! I’m only going to make two at a time so that I can have a clear nose palate.

I finally have the knitting needles, darning needles, and yarn necessary to knit according to my first pattern. I’m going to make some yoga socks. I’m pretty excited. My mom seems to be too, she is sending me yarn so that I can make her a blanket. Quite the vote of confidence for a beginner, but I will definitely try to make her a blanket…. fortunately that won’t take up the same knitting needles that I’ll be using to make everything else for my shop so I can probably give it a bit of time each day.

I haven’t cut any bottles yet. I am getting a bit held up at the “remove old labels” step. I need to get some cheap vodka which I will probably do on the way home from the spa. I have been wanting to go for so long and now we are having a girl’s night out and I am more than ready!

So I need to use my time wisely today, but my work today will be focused on seeking a day job. I am making good progress on the (2nd) API course, and it is time for me to do the “final” for it, where I will document Swagger’s fictional pet store API. Then I can start the 3rd API course which apparently has a focus on Swagger. Hoping the final for that class will be a good portfolio piece. Then my final trick will be to get experience by helping the Habitica team document their API. They already have some documentation, so there may be nothing I can do, but we will see! I have put out feelers in the group about it. Worst case scenario I have to find some other project to assist.

This weekend, my priority will be designing labels, cutting bottles, and knitting the yoga socks. I think it is possible to finish one sock, maybe even both socks. My next project would be leg warmers. I also apparently need to check the copyright status of the items I will sell in my shop. I am a bit disheartened by how many of the lovely items I thought I might be able to include are apparently hoarded by their designers, despite them not even being in the business of selling the items? I had no idea that sometimes you can’t sell items made from the patterns that you buy! Gross….

I’ve restarted learning Japanese again, and I am also hoping to do some refreshing of my Spanish. I want to be able to at least pull off a somewhat conversational Spanish if it comes up in an interview. I am always clear that I am better at reading, writing, and editing Spanish than speaking it; I still expect they will want to test me at speaking it though, and I need to prepare to perform during interview nervousness.

I shelled out $30 for a month pass of classes at area gyms. I get quite a few classes at that price so it is a pretty good deal! I will be taking quite a few of them so hopefully, this will assist my conditioning and weight loss so that I feel confident to start performing aerials again. I’m skipping the upcoming performance in February, but maybe I’ll be ready by March! I want to perform to the song Reverse Skydiving. I wouldn’t be surprised if I posted this to the blog already, but in case not, I’ve linked it below.

Just to reiterate my goals, if I really focus, I think I could perform for dollars by next year and maybe even become an instructor. That would be an excellent source of side-cash or safety net if I can’t find a job in my profession for some reason or if it gets taken over by robots haha. Never learn silks from the robots people!

Feels right

There were a lot of complicated reasons that I became a technical writer, although the vast majority of them I probably would not stand behind today. One of the reasons was I saw it as a way to get close to technology without feeling the pressures of having to produce it at the pace that seemed excessive to me at the time. I thought that maybe, like Einstein reading patents, my producing documentation would teach me many things that would keep me engaged with technology, so that I could pursue learning it at my own pace and for my own purposes. It was an attempt to take path of least resistance and avoid competition or having to stay up all night for a boss man. It seemed that other technologists were giving up their health and I just didn’t want that to be my life.

So far, my plan has not panned out. Not only did I vastly underestimate the demands of a 9-5 on time, I didn’t end up working for a software, engineering, or hardware company, but a manufacturer, of toilets no less. Of diversions, it wasn’t the worst, and it did comfort me after the death of my father, who was a plumber (I got the job a month after my dad passed away; it seemed almost a fate type thing). It was also a position that rescued me from having nothing, and for the years I worked there, I was able to experience middle class life for the first time.

Anyways, as I am on the job search, I’m starting to feel again that it is possible for me to achieve my original vision. I had taken a few of the API classes on codeacademy a few years ago with no result (still haven’t written any apps), but now, as I consider API writing jobs a potential option, I started taking classes on documenting APIs. So here I am refreshing my knowledge of APIs, what do ya know. It’s awesome, and it is making me feel good about being a technical writer. I think regardless of whatever type of job I end up getting hired to do, that I should still try to contribute API documentation to an open source project in my spare time. Then, who knows, maybe just as I planned, I’ll get comfortable enough to end up contributing to the apps themselves.

I didn’t do too much coding on it, but I did find out why my music box three js demo wasn’t showing up on my portfolio. So I have it showing up again (https://melanieallen.nfshost.com/demoscene/music_box.html), but I have a few problems, some new and some old 1) the ballerina doesn’t just turn on the z axis, but flips upside down every other turn 2) the scene takes too long to load 3) the box is not in the center of the screen 4) tapping the turnkey on phone doesn’t work as well as clicking for some reason 5) I want the box to be inside another scene, on a table in a girl’s room 6) I need to add instructions so that people know what to do 8) I eventually want a mirror behind the ballerina, jewelry in the box, other small details 9) I want the music that plays to be more like an actual music box’s.

Yeah! Doin’ it~

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.16.27 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.35.16 PM

I am down to 204 from 212, and its awesome! It took me awhile to get those macros right, but it is only going to get better… I picked up a hair, nail, and skin vitamin gummies today because I noticed it had vitamin E. I was a little low on that, even with the other vitamin gummies I take.


When I don’t track my nutrients, I neglect to eat organ meats. Ben doesn’t like them, but I think they’re important, not only for iron, mostly for having the optimal zinc:copper ratio. They should be eaten once a week in my opinion, if not two times a week. Not more than that though, its a careful balance. I’ve got to find a way to make them more palatable for him. Also, to keep my omega fats in good ratio, I’ve brought back my habit of eating 8 walnuts or drinking hemp milk with cereal or breakfast.
I think I’m going to eat more of those shirataki noodles. They aren’t the tastiest thing in the world, but they do have a lot of fiber….

The struggle to get enough potassium continues. It will be the last one I conquer. Need to eat more beans and should also try to put some squash on the table.

Trying out an “A-town Funk” dance class tonight. Should be interesting. My friend Laurie goes to a studio called Dance101. It’s interesting, a bit less intimate than the circus classes I’m used to these days. Though, they’re doing this “free week” thing and apparently that accounts for the large numbers in class. Yesterday I did a “Balletronic” class. It was pretty good, definitely some challenging moments. Didn’t realize how challenging until I followed it with a “Stretch and Align” class, and was definitely reaching my fatigue point. I’ll also be following this class with a “Barre and Stretch” class, so, wondering if I’ll even make it. Not to mention- I went to Open practice today! I wanted to practice climbs, but they were already taken, so I practiced sling instead. Hopefully I saved a little juice for tonight. I’m mostly looking forward to the Saturday bellydance class. I would love to get retrained for bellydance, it is one of my favorites for sure!

State of Melanie – Early Jan 2018

In general I have a few courses of study going on. Career-wise, I’m studying responsive web design and I’m studying API documentation. Hobby-wise, I’m studying textiles, scents, painting, and wearable tech. Body-wise, I’m studying dance and diet.

I got started a bit slow today on account that I had trouble sleeping last night. This was due to an ill-advised nap I fell into, early in the evening on the couch. I was feeling a bit listless yesterday. I attribute this to the calorie restriction I am undergoing, well, and the fact that I’ve insisted that I make room for a drink. I know that I have been making a dangerous gamble sacrificing nutritional calories for party calories. According to my nutrition report, I’m on track for approx 1.5 lbs weight loss per week, but I’m also a bit low on choline, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and iron… Ugh. The thing is, for choline the choice seems to be eat some egg or mushroom. I was tempted by some muffins so, yeah, I haven’t been getting my morning omelet in. I know I am overly relying on calcium from dairy, but of course I can’t have too much dairy, so I don’t always make the cut. Need to eat more broccoli. Vitamin E and potassium are big in the nuts and seeds, which add up quite fast… and often I have sacrificed them to having a drink instead. Potassium also just seems tricky. Yeah it is in nuts, its in yogurt… but so low. Even my “Calcium Magnesium Potassium” supplement has only 3% potassium. It is a bit of a struggle. I have started taking that supplement though and it will at least make sure I don’t break my bones during aerial practice. Anyways, I know that magnesium is very important for sleep. Low potassium can cause fatigue. So… need to get my act together. But I suppose the good news is I’m on track to lose 5 lbs by mid January, which is my first benchmark.

I saw a Physical Therapist last Wednesday, ostensibly about having injured my knee in some inappropriate torsion movement while gardening, but to see why it is all my aerialist friends go there all the time, even when they’re not injured. She was cool to talk to and overall it was a bit casual of a thing, but then she said we should try needling my hurt leg. I was like, wuh, that’s terrifying. This is what all these aerialists go to her to get done though. Well, I mean, I’m a brave person, if I do say so myself, so I said, sure, stick that needle in me. The needle in question is the same as an acupuncture needle, it’s just being used in a western science context rather than for chi balancing purposes. It’s long and thin and flexy. I figured, if I can give blood and get vaccinated, I can put up with this. Well she stuck that thing in my leg and at first I was like, oh. That was literally nothing. But given all the talk up to that point, I knew that the ahem, fun stuff had to be on the way. She started wiggling that thing around and wow, that was some pain I tell you what. We-ooowaahw I said. It was only for a moment though. Well, like I said, I went in there for a knee injury. Mm, I hurt it like, mid December maybe? Limped around a few days, maybe a week after. But by the time of the appointment, I hadn’t been limping around for a couple weeks, only if I bent my knee, like to get on a bed or go into yoga’s child’s pose, I could still feel that bit of tightness around the knee area. It was pretty crazy though, afterwards, I went into childs pose, and that tightness was completely gone. Only if I really focused, I could feel the remnants of it in the untreated muscle, but I was flabbergasted. So I rationalized a bit, went into denial, figured, maybe it had already gotten to that point some point between the last time I tested it and showing up for the appointment. The effect lasted for a couple of days, until the cold weather came and I started feeling it again. If I get it really warm, I can fix it a bit, but it does cause me to think that there very well may have been a link between that needle procedure and the lack of tightness in my knee. Well, this Wednesday, I’m gonna see if she will do my hamstrings- my nemesis, and apparently this treatment will probably feel worse. Hooray… o.O;

Well, I’m well enough that I can go to aerial class/practice. I’ve demoted myself to Beginner II for awhile. For one thing, the aforementioned weight that I am trying to lose, is really slowing me down, so I need to buff up and learn how to handle it. I’m using all my energy on climbs these days. Whatever, it happens. My bestie is recovering from having a baby, so, it works out. We’ll strengthen up together. I’ve decided that the first thing for me to do, will be, to try to get all my climbs up to where I touch the hardware at the gym. This is no small feat. And I mean all the climbs I know- basic, russian, crochet, bicycle… ok I won’t make myself to hook climbs to the top. But yeah, every class I’m going to do these climbs on both legs as high as I can safely go. When I can touch the top on all those climbs, when I can S-lock and same side and opposite side hook climb like a champ, I will let myself return to the intermediate classes. I hope this is a journey of a month, but I suppose we will see.

On my way back from class Saturday, I got a flat tire. 😦 It is going to cost quite a bit of dough….

My yoga practice is going decently. It’s hard to keep warm in this house though. I don’t remember it being this cold inside during the winter last year. I finally arranged for our fireplace to get inspected but since I waited so long, we won’t have that done until the end of the month. So in the meantime, we freeze. Anyways, it causes a struggle for me to stay limber in my poses, the opposite of hot yoga haha, but can’t be having excuses… Just gotta wear more clothes.

Going with some girl friends to a bellydance class soon too. I’m very much looking forward to reconditioning those muscles. I’ve been trying to prep myself and yeah, I will have much work to do. The place where we are going to take these classes has a performance series that I’m interested in if I make good progress.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, but I feel like I had to have, that I’m planning to start painting an aerial tarot deck. I already have the major arcana mapped out. I’ve got a bunch of 4 x 6 canvases, some heavy body acrylic, some nice paintbrushes, and I’m ready to go! I think this could be something the people want. I’ve got some larger canvases too, and I think I should definitely also paint some still life and landscape. And I’ve always wanted to paint Ben. He’s told me how he would prefer to be depicted, but I’ve admittedly forgotten. He will probably have to do with whatever I come up with ha.

I ordered some more felt. I think I’ve gotten some larger amounts so that I can do larger pieces. My starter kits were nice, but they definitely seemed to be about making little figurines and things. I need arm warmers, leg warmers, and hats!

In my adventures in scents, I’ve been studying, but I gotta admit, I’m getting a LITTLE frustrated. I got a book that has a lot of recipes, but they were so insistent that they must be followed so specifically… and here I am apparently without half of the important essential oils. -_-; I guess I will have to invest in a FEW MORE. I feel like I already have so many… also, for some reason I got it in my head I needed a million spray bottles. I feel like I would have been better off with more droppers and a few just like… regular bottles. I am getting to the point though, where I really don’t want to spend… any… more… money…. I am going to see if I can just make things work with what I have.

And finally, I’ve finished one responsive design course and one api documentation course, and now I have more! As soon as I’m done blogging, I’m going to be getting back to them, and updating my portfolio hopefully in tandem.
Where I am now is adding containers and then determining what the breakpoints will do to my layout. That will probably take up the rest of my day, but if it doesn’t I’ll just keep going. Probably best to alternate days.

Monday: Responsive, painting
Tuesday: API doc, felting or knitting
Wednesday: Responsive, painting
Thursday: API doc, felting or knitting
Friday: Responsive, painting

We’ll see. Sometimes trying to plan things cramps my style. Sometimes it keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

I’m planning on journalling more in any case. Seems to be one of those accepted self improvement things like meditation. Anyways, better get to work!