I spent my Thanksgiving holiday in SC with Ben’s family. It was wonderful having the time off.

I’ve come up with an app for Facebook users that I’m really excited about. By the end of the day I commit to creating a mock up of the design.

Ben is building the OpenKnit. It is terribly exciting and he is making great progress.

Since posting last, I’ve been studying a lot of Coursera, Udacity, and EdX course material and started going back to aerials class. I’m getting my form ironed out rather than learning new moves and it has been very helpful. I’m trying to get into basic cheese-making and fermenting foods. I’m joining a grocery co-op and trying to get more local produce in my diet. Definitely giving blood Sunday, rain or shine.

Work is good, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned I’m an EMS and QMS auditor now. I am getting quite the in-depth look at our toilet manufacturing process!

At home things are a little more complicated. I’ve procrastinated quite a few major responsibilities….

Overall though, I feel well and confident that I’m going to push forward in a positive way this month.


Adventure to Seabrook Island and Charleston

This past week, I was fortunate to tag along on a vacation to beautiful low-country South Carolina.


View from our deck.


View from the beach


Charleston, SC

We rented a place on Seabrook Island because of its proximity to Charleston. Seabrook Island has many kinds of wildlife. I was excited to have this small clip of a dolphin hanging out near the shore. During our stay we saw dolphins, sharks, little fish, a small alligator, and quite a few jellyfish… I only swam for a few minutes.

Here’s a flock of gulls and some hermit crabs.

20140710_134021 hermitshermit

Here’s some dead things.

shrk horseshoe cannonball jellyfish

Our last evening, we went to eat in Charleston and I got myself some souvenirs at the market. Charleston is a beautiful southern city. There was a buy five get one free sale at the Tea and Spices exchange so I got some artisan salt, tea, and spices there, I got a lovely purple dress, a leather belt, and a Rewined candle. We ate at the famous Hyman’s Seafood restaurant, and I have nothing but praise for all I tasted, from the sweet and crunchy hushuppies to the delicious seafood and grit cake. Their Bloody Mary is served with excellent presentation and is rimmed with a kickin’ cajun salt.


I made myself a souvenier from a glass jar I found off the side of the road and the shells and plants I collected during our beach walks. I painted the South Carolina symbol on it. We walked the entire course of the beach there.

20140712_161258[1] 20140712_161311[1] 20140712_161306[1]

I made this necklace from a few spare beads, wire, and the inside spiral of a conch I found on the beach.


The vacation was restorative, and though I am sad to leave it, I am happy to be home and ready for a productive week.




Thanksgiving 2013

Through the mystery of the great expanse of time past, we find ourselves creatures capable of feeling such quales as pleasure, fulfillment, joy, and gratitude. In our solitude, we carve out the place for us in the human drama, but in nurturing each other we find happiness and bring meaning to our pursuits. Through togetherness, we overcome our trials of character and the assaults of scarcity on our lives. As Solomon wrote “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
On this day of thankfulness, I am thankful for–

  • A supportive family
  • A comfortable life
  • Skills and education
  • Lovely and gifted friends
  • Kind strangers
  • Good health and food