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I am down to 204 from 212, and its awesome! It took me awhile to get those macros right, but it is only going to get better… I picked up a hair, nail, and skin vitamin gummies today because I noticed it had vitamin E. I was a little low on that, even with the other vitamin gummies I take.


When I don’t track my nutrients, I neglect to eat organ meats. Ben doesn’t like them, but I think they’re important, not only for iron, mostly for having the optimal zinc:copper ratio. They should be eaten once a week in my opinion, if not two times a week. Not more than that though, its a careful balance. I’ve got to find a way to make them more palatable for him. Also, to keep my omega fats in good ratio, I’ve brought back my habit of eating 8 walnuts or drinking hemp milk with cereal or breakfast.
I think I’m going to eat more of those shirataki noodles. They aren’t the tastiest thing in the world, but they do have a lot of fiber….

The struggle to get enough potassium continues. It will be the last one I conquer. Need to eat more beans and should also try to put some squash on the table.

Trying out an “A-town Funk” dance class tonight. Should be interesting. My friend Laurie goes to a studio called Dance101. It’s interesting, a bit less intimate than the circus classes I’m used to these days. Though, they’re doing this “free week” thing and apparently that accounts for the large numbers in class. Yesterday I did a “Balletronic” class. It was pretty good, definitely some challenging moments. Didn’t realize how challenging until I followed it with a “Stretch and Align” class, and was definitely reaching my fatigue point. I’ll also be following this class with a “Barre and Stretch” class, so, wondering if I’ll even make it. Not to mention- I went to Open practice today! I wanted to practice climbs, but they were already taken, so I practiced sling instead. Hopefully I saved a little juice for tonight. I’m mostly looking forward to the Saturday bellydance class. I would love to get retrained for bellydance, it is one of my favorites for sure!


Vagina hackers

“A collective of radical bio-hackers and TransHackFeminists are out to reclaim gynecological medicine for those women, and for themselves. Under the name GynePunks, they’re assembling an arsenal of open-source tools for DIY diagnosis and first-aid care—centrifuges made from old hard drive motors; microscopes from deconstructed webcams; homemade incubators; and 3D printable speculums.”
– Doug Bierand Meet the GynePunks Pushing the Boundaries of DIY Gynecology
HerSwab is a device that allows women to collect their own gynecological samples at home and then send them to a lab for screening. By making the experience accessible and less invasive, it’s hoped that women who are reluctant or unable to go to a clinic can take more control of their sexual well-being. Eve Medical’s website says HerSwab is easy, intuitive, and painless to use. The device, which looks similar to a tampon with a handle on top, is inserted into the vagina and rotated to collect dry samples from the cervix.”
kezialubanszky HerSwab Lets Women Test Themselves for Cervical Cancer and HPV
Gynepunk is about engaging in a radical change of perspective about medical technologies, and the so-called “professional” and medical institutions. Gynepunk is an extreme and accurate gesture to detach our bodies from the compulsive dependency of the fossil structures of the hegemonic health system machine. Gynepunk’s objective is to enable the emergence of DIY-DIT accessible diagnosis labs and techniques in extreme experimentation spaces, down on the rocks or in elevators if it is necessary. It is about having these possibilities in a situated stable place or/and in nomadic mobile labs to be able to perform as much as WE WANT, in an intensive way: smears, fluid analysis, biopsy, PAPs, synthesize hormones at will, blood tests, urinalysis, HIV tests, pain relief, or whatever WE NEED. It is about hacking and building our own ultrasound, endoscope or ecography devices in a low-cost way. All this experimentation is made in complementarity with herbs and natural knowledges, oral traditions, underground recipes, seeking with hunger to generate a plethora of DIY lubricants, anti-contraceptives, open doula domains, savage caring of any visceral hands-on technologies, such as menstrual extraction, all elevated to the maximum potential of common learning and radical self-body-power …!”  TransHackFeminist convergence, Calafou, an eco-industrial post-capitalist colony, located 60 km from Barcelona, Catalonia

Katherine Skaggs

It tastes like cake batter

When I opened the bag, I caught a whiff of vanilla scent. The mixture blended with the oil and liquid readily with a spoon and became a soft beige color. It tastes like cake batter. It does not taste bad, but you’ll definitely want to add something to it. I got bored of it halfway through my “meal”, which I kept to soylent, water, oil, and ice cubes, in order to do this review. Rhinehart met his objective of giving the product a basic taste. It’s sweet enough that I don’t think you need to add sugar to make a nice smoothie with fruit, or to flavor it with unsweetened cocoa powder. I’ll be trying these and many more variations as I work through the supply.

Soylent has been suggested for use against world hunger. Many years ago, I attended a Christian meeting called Urbana. It is an international, fairly ecumenical gathering to get young people riled up about going on missions. I was fasting for the event, which saddened me a little as I realized I was missing out on what looked like great St. Louis restaurants. However, my tenacity was rewarded with an opportunity, because I was able to break it during an event where we were given a serving of the corn-grain gruel that aid organizations provide to starving people. You get scoop in your bowl and a sugar packet for flavoring. I said all this to say that, that gruel they gave us tasted similarly to Soylent. Unlike gruel, Soylent requires ice to stay cool; this is one thing that admittedly makes me question it as a replacement for the status quo. However, I do think if could be formulated into an icecream, that could be a delightful way to provide it to people; I would figure having an edible container such as a waffle cone could reduce waste.



Edit: I’d like to include that my hunger levels were fine after a serving of Soylent until it was time for my next meal.

Soylent Arrived!

Finally, my shipment of Soylent has arrived!

I will be running my first taste test tomorrow at lunch time! Thereafter, I will be replacing all my lunches with Soylent until I exhaust the supply! Also the occasional breakfast and dinner, I’m sure.

Want to know what its like to get a month supply of Soylent? Here are photos from the unboxing. [Awful pictures I realized, I’ll try to get some scans, I think its the low light in my apartment]

20140805_174805[1] 20140805_174908[1]   20140805_175011[1]20140805_175031[1]20140805_175039[1]  20140805_175105[1]

Soylent Order Shipped!

The month supply of Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent 1.0 that I backed during the Kickstarter has finally shipped. 

My enthusiasm for doing the one-month trial died down quite a bit in the interim, now that it has already been on the Colbert Report and made numerous public appearances. I wanted to be one of the first people to do it, but now that others have already done it, there is no reason for me to do so, particularly now that we already know about the uncomfortable gastronomical affects if you suddenly switch to it as your primary food source.

Instead, I’m going to use it as a lunch replacement. Since I am only going to be replacing one meal, I will be replacing lunch for a significant length of time. I am excited about this as part of a renewed attempt to reduce calories in my diet and to enjoy my lunch hour at work doing something other than preparing food/eating food. 

I sure am looking forward to the taste test. The conflicting reports concerning its palatability lead me to have very little idea what to expect. Stay tuned. 🙂

Animal Welfare

I’m enjoying some videos from “The Meat We Eat” Coursera course. TIL of the meats you typically see on the menu, turkey is the only meat native to North America!

You learn in the course that there are layer chickens, which as you might guess are best for laying eggs, and broiler chickens, chosen for their use as meat. If you’ve ever wondered what the national standard is for the latter, the below link prescribes how the welfare of broiler chickens should be protected by meat producers.

Animal Welfare for Broiler Chickens

The course also shows commercial animal slaughter. It’s a little unsettling to see the animal seize to death, but there is no way out that looks pretty.

I was a vegan 2010-2011, while exploring ideas about the possibilities of animal consciousness and whether eating meat might make it hard for us to argue with an intelligent alien not to eat us. But at the end of it, I decided I wasn’t necessarily opposed to obtaining energy for myself by preparing a once living creature. I have reconciled for myself even that the animal’s life is controlled for that purpose and their existence is prematurely terminated. I feel that unlike most predators, we can ensure that animal spends most of its experience comfortable and happy, and then provide them a death sudden and unnoticeable. Considered thusly, producing large quantities of creatures who are happy and too innocent to know they will die seems to add more happiness to the universe as compared to the cruel existence seen in the natural environment of predators and prey. Information provided in the link above demonstrate that all consumers can know their meat is humane; humanity is not and should not have to be available only as marked up meats for the wealthy.

Soylent Started Shipping May 1

So fairly soon I should be getting my Soylent order. For newcomers to the blog, I ordered a one-month supply of Soylent from the Kickstarter that I posted about here.

I’m evaluating it by attempting to acquire the majority of my nutrition from it for 30 days. I will transition into it by starting it a little before I’ve completely emptied my pantry. I will monitor various metrics of my health and well-being and update semi-daily.