Happiness comes in small doses

I’ve been wanting to write about stand up for awhile, because I’ve been watching or listening to a great deal of it. Humor is such an interesting type of communication. My bestie recently loaned me Mathematics and Humor: A Study of the Logic of Humor
by John Allen Paulos, which turned out to have quite a few of my favorite math theorems in it. A delightful read.

I’m not trying to be an ad for Netflix, but they have a ton of stand up, and they keep releasing more of it. This year has had a lot of awesome new specials. I’d like to rewatch and figure out which ones were my favorites. I’ve noticed that the stand up has gone international. There are stand up routines in other languages, bilingual, or even multilingual. For example, Aditi Mittal’s Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say, is in English, but she mixes in her native language. I have found a lot of the international stand up to be very valuable experiences.

I like intellectual comedy. I like to be shocked by comedy. I like a nice bit of sardonic wit. I don’t mind vulgarity. The only thing I don’t like is actual meanness. The only comedian I’ve ever just, completely black-listed, is Joan Rivers, because I think she’s mean. Ah, and I also didn’t like that guy who did the terrorist puppet act that was really popular on the Internet for some reason. Other than that, controversial comedians tend to score very well with me.

Which leads me to a joke that I actually went through the trouble of grabbing the screenshots. Angsty goodness.

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I was looking at my right right finger and noticed I don’t have a callus there anymore. I used to write and draw enough that the bump there was quite noticeable. In the past few years though, I barely ever use a pencil. I have, however, left an impressive dent mark on the side of my mouse….

During my lunch break I got the 16 AWG wire and velcro I needed… terribly excited for the upcoming weekend.