Engaged to be married!

On August 21, 2017, Ben, my partner of almost 4 years, asked me to marry him by getting down on one knee just as the eclipse totality gave way to the tiny but sun-bright spec that announced its end.

We headed out early in order to avoid the traffic and make sure we had a spot. Our viewing spot required pretty arduous and steep trek of approximately 4 miles with picnic gear into the Nantahala national forest to see the eclipse. There were approximately a few thousand people in the area. We were in a slightly less densely populated bald called Snowbird’s bald. Most of the crowd headed on to Silar bald. We have a portable soft cooler that we had stuffed with beers and ice packs and it was ridiculously heavy. Ben actually carried it most of the way, I carried it about 1/4 of the way and it completely winded me. The way down however, was a breeze!  I was pumped with excitement from the eclipse and for my marriage-to-be.

The previous day we had carbed up at Nantahala Brewing Company and walked a bit around Bryson city, and then headed over to check out Fontana Dam.  Afterwards, due to Ben’s command of fast driving, despite enduring 5 mile hour traffic for hours, we still made it in time to enjoy a hot tub at Hot Springs resort. The hot tubs there are filled with mineral water from the local spring. Must say the resort had some very romantic lodging!

Of course I said yes. When we met years ago, at Freeside, when I was looking for a 3D printing mentor, I could never have known that this was what was in store for us. He is great at explaining what he knows, and it is amazing to have a partner that dazzles you with ingenuity. Besides being perfect complements in nerdery, he’s kind, generous, patient, and obviously – romantic – I mean – an eclipse proposal!?

The ring is beautiful of course, but I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to wear it because it is being resized! Since we happen to be going to a wedding this weekend, I’m going to use it as an excuse to make my nails extra pretty for ring pictures.

The wedding will take place sometime next autumn… looking into vineyards, museum/planetariums, or botanical gardens…. My bestie is super excited for her maid of honor duties. I have no doubt I have an amazing bachelorette party in store.

It has been so nice to hear all the congratulations of our friends and family and I look forward to seeing them at the coming celebrations.


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