Though Mohism was a contemporary of the better known Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism Chinese schools of philosophical thought, it seems to me to not be as well known. I learned about it because of a wiki rabbit trail when I was doing further learning on the political figure, Liang Quichao, introduced to me by the America through Foriegn Eyes coursera course. Mohism is considered a rival to Confucianism.

Mohism has a concept similar to “Universal Love” that emphasizes “Impartial Care”. To the Mohist, an excess of partiality in compassion was as much a fault as a deficit of compassion. Confucian thought, in contrast, encourages partiality of compassion to one’s relatives. Mohism as a school emphasizes logic and science; practitioners lead an ascetic life focused on behaviors associated with advancing in a meritocracy; politically practitioners are pacifist and emphasizes order and a moral and benevolent ruling class.





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