Aerial and Movement Art on the Web 2

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web
I promised more and for once I will deliver. This post will only contain art with aerial silks as the subject matter. The next post may be a bit more of a mixed bag.


Alessandra Pisarro is an oil painter who does a wide variety of subjects mystical and majestic. She has done artwork for fantasy games.



This image was uploaded to pinterest by Ivanice Stempozeckas but she did not name the artist. The signature looks to me like it says Juanice. Perhaps someone will know who the artist is.


Lhox on Deviantart was commissioned to do this lovely piece by an aerialist. Medium is gouache on watercolour paper.



Danae Basurto is a pinner and aerialist with a pin board full of beautiful circus art many of which are her own pieces.



tatjahnah on deviantart did this acrylic on canvas piece of an aerial artist part of a troupe called the Slavic Sisters.


Olga Motyreva is an aerialist in Moscow who is also an instagrammer with the handle flying_iris. She posts many crafts, beading and embroidery, and occasionally fun aerial art.



This breathtaking surrealist photo-manipulation is one of several by Japanese artist KIYO MURAKAMI. Aerialists are one of many subject matters for this artist and everything she does is amazing.Enter a caption


Unfortunately, another image without attribution! It is amazingly lovely photo manipulation.


To end this post, I will mention another blog post about aerial art over at Vertical Wise that has the above work (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – Dreamdance Oracle The Precipice) and more!



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