We are how we eat

I was reading in an Anthropology text and learned that malaria was likely resultant from the invention of slash and burn farming. I think this is a great history lesson for the conditions we find ourselves in today.
Today, we know global warming is in large part contributed to by factory farming, particularly of animals. Although, some say that we require factory farming in order to feed people, perhaps something farmers who slash and burn might have argued too, there is a lot of evidence that merely addressing food waste and informing the agricultural practice with permacultural principals is the way to achieve symbiosis with our planet. Permacultural principals would result in meat becoming an expensive delicacy, but overall would lead to even more diversity in the diet.
It is important to have regulation, because we don’t want to allow the economical advantage to be with the short-sighted, low-investment methods of agriculture, slash and burn and factory farms. Yet, it is important to have correct regulation, because sometimes good intentions can have big consequences, such as the UK banning feeding swill to pigs, exasperating the food waste problem, while diverting food products from people livestock humans invented to turn food scraps into food.

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