Fire Dance goals

I have fallen for fire dancing, and my apparatus, fire fans.


I was really fortunate to have my first lighting of the fans on a beach.

I have collected some great photos and video of fire dancers on my pinterest board Fire Dance:

I’ve been thinking about what kind of fire performer I want to be.

For this sort of thing it is important for clothing to be somewhat fire resistant, and without parts that fly about, like fringe. Nomex, leather, and 100% cotton or hemp clothing is ideal. For something as bad as fire dance, I really like leather and metal….

And there you have it, metal and leather in all the right places. I love this waist cincher, although I hope it isn’t too functional because I need my freedom of movement.

Make up like this, very mad max, would be perfect. Looks like soot.

Love braided mohawks. This one is excellent.

I think for most performances  I’ll go with dutch braids.


Love hand-painted leather… The chain embellishments are great for dance. Love the apocalyptic feel. I see this going with leather carpenter pants, haven’t come across any perfect ones yet.


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