Quick update

I have to make this fast because I only have a few minutes left of my lunch break.

I went to see Kurios last Friday, it was a good time. It was my second Cirque de Soleil show and I am realizing that they have a schema behind their themes. It intensified my desire to write and direct my own acrobatics show….

I should be starting the Athos series soon, but I have not gotten to use the gear as often as I would like. I usually do my workouts directly after work so I have to make sure everything is charged and ready to go before I leave– and I’m the roll out of bed and go type. I will try to do better.

I’ve been prototyping away and trying out Codebender. For the most part it has all been great. I am having a little trouble contacting my new Gemma board though. I don’t recall having any problems with the other one, but for some reason I can’t find the correct port to upload the code to it in the menu, nor found anything on the Internet yet about my problem.

My projects are on hold until I get my next Adafruit package. I learned more about sewing with conductive material and the like and it turns out that an embroidery hoop is useful. In fact, I think for my project it is very much required because I need to make my circuits as durable as possible given the conditions they will be subjected to. For awhile they were out of stock, but they were finally available today and I jumped on it. I also got some connectors for my rig project, so that I can easily clip together the Neopixel strips while assembling the rig. I don’t know if I mentioned here that I have the velcro ready too.



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