Things I hate about Illustrator

1. Ctrl-F… pastes. Wtf.

2. The default text function creates stupid point text, which is the stupidest type of text that there ever could be. And even if I go through the trouble of creating everything in area text, if I want to embed it with another set of ai files on multiple artboards, good bye editable text!

3. Sometimes if I have some lineart nearby, it makes it impossible for me to create a straight line, because it assumes that what I’m really trying to do is line up with some arbitrary place on the lineart. Which I know I can turn that function off, but usually it is useful…

4. If I paste some lineart, it will put it over some other lineart, and heaven forbid I don’t move it exactly where I want the first time because if I don’t, it’s over, gotta try again.

5. You can only “Unlock All” you can’t just unlock the objects on one artboard if you make a mistake.

I get I should be using InDesign for these things, but sometimes my office tortures me with manuals in AI form instead. It makes life miserable.


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