Today’s Trajectory

I’m thinking today about my life and nailing down the aspects of it that I like and want to continue to push my efforts.

This is a simple outline of activities I value, ordered from bottom to top from  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

I. Physiology
A. Fitness
a. Aerial Silks
b. Rock Climbing
c. Push-ups, Pull-ups
d. Cardio- Elliptical, hiking outdoors

B. Nutrition
a. Hearty Colorful Salads
b. Fermented Foods
c. Bone Broth Soups
d. Green Smoothies
e. Low Meat/High Quality Meat
f. Good oils
g. Homemade, bread, hummus, and sprouts

II. Safety
a. ExtendScript, Solidworks, Adobe
b. Auditing
c. Interpersonal Communication

B. Calender, to-do lists; pay bills on time, handle outstanding obligations to government/debtors, don’t lose stuff

III. Love/Belonging
A. Ben

B. Blue and Crew

C. College pals

D. Highschool pals

E. Social media
a. Pinterist (Food & Crafts)
b. Tumblr (Gifs)
c. Instagram (Photos)
d. Facebook (Family, highschool and college pals)
e. Twitter (Thoughts, link referrals)
f. StumbleUpon (link referrals)
g. Delicious (link referrals)
h. Personal Website (self-expression)
i. WordPress (essays and project updates)
j. Codeacademy (proficiency of languages)
k. Github (Code)
l. Thingiverse (3D models)
m. Khan Academy (proficiency of high school level material)
n. YouTube (video referrals)
o. Duolingo (Spanish)

IV. Esteem
A. Coding
a. HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Three.js, Node.js
b. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Haskell

B. Writing
a. Citizen issues
b. Niche technology topics

C. Making
a. upcycling
b. 3D printing
c. Mending
d. Knitting
e. Simple pattern sewing

D. Digital Art
a. Fractals
b. Games
c. Desktop backgrounds

E. 3D modeling
a. OpenSCAD (for thingiverse)

V. Self Actualization
A. Meditation

B. Creation

C. Philosophy [Existentialism, theory of mind]

D. Citizen Participation


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