Sorry I’ve been gone so long. My mouse on my home computer stopped working… and I keep forgetting to buy a new one. There, I put it on my shopping list, finally.

Anyways… I’ve been reading a lot of spirituality stuff recently, sort of, I dunno absorbing that kind of rhetoric because I’m trying to wake myself up again. I feel like I keep falling asleep at the wheel. I’m done with that, and for my final burst of reading I’ve returned to the (living) thought leader whose writing most closely syncs with my own motivations, Eliezer Yudkowsky. FYI for new readers, I’ve been lurking in the Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong community since like 2005. I don’t really like the new posts, but I love and try to reread the sequences every once in awhile. When I do, I like to remind everyone else about them too.

The linked article linked above is a short discussion on procrastination. He makes important points about specifically procrastinating via reading poor quality articles that I think are very helpful! And unlike any other site, reading the comments is always awesome on LW.


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