Poor RepRap, poor me

I was working on it and possibly blew one of the rails in my power supply, and possibly the stepper drivers.

It has been a pretty bad day for me. I was sleep deprived and not feeling well, but had to spend an entire day going from utilities to banks to courthouses to tag offices, having many road blocks because all I have is a death certificate and am not yet the administrator of Dad’s affairs yet. At home, my shower isn’t running hot water and my garbage disposal is jammed. I wish I had just went to sleep; I thought getting the RepRap working would be a source of relief or reward, but instead I broke it.

I attribute the mistake I made to being tired, worn down, and desperate for something to go right. And yet, I only have myself to blame  since I didn’t go to sleep when I should have. It’s hard taking responsibility for what we put our own selves through. It’s so easy to hate “the world” or “society” for making things so fast paced and complicated. Yet, should I really be surprised that life is hard for a creature that only a short time ago had to survive hunting beasts and picking fruits? The engineered urgencies of society have replaced those, and even lessened them if we’re straight with ourselves. So, I can’t be so soft, feeling so sorry for myself, I just have to do better.

At least on the bright side, my driving practice went really well and I’m one lesson away from being ready for the Road Test; I’ve already made a reservation to take it. In two months, watch out, I’ll be on the road.


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