Glowing rainbows emerge during storm in Atlanta

An incredibly beautiful series of weather phenomenon last night left Atlanta residents in wonder and transformed.

The temperatures in Georgia have been capricious, and as a result it has been a stormy few days. Last night’s thunderstorm was brief but intense. For several minutes the storm raged, trees swung wildly, thunder clapped in big booms, and beautiful fragmented lightning covered the full range of sky. Then, it grew calm.

I was crossing from one apartment to another when I noticed the sky was a strange pink. As I looked, I saw a faint arch of white appear. The pinkness of the sky began to brighten into an atypically saturated glow. It was during this brightening that the colors of the rainbow became apparent. Awed by the sight, I called my friends urgently to come out and see. As I waited for them, a second rainbow appeared, followed a few seconds later by the faintest third rainbow, almost white.

Those who had phones charged got them out and recorded the moment. I suspected we were about to see the scene split by lightning and could barely contain my joy. At the fulfillment of my expectations I burst in laughter, a gorgeous bright fractal of lightning appeared with the rainbow standing proudly in the foreground. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Then it happened three more times, each lightning more beautiful than the last. Fortunately, we do have two of these lightnings captured on video, though the artifact pales in comparison to what we saw.

The Washington Post also covered the phenomenon:


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