Renewed determination

Maybe part of the reason I let myself get away with slacking off sometimes is that I’ve given up on the idea I can do something great. But I need to snap out of it. I invested in myself with this machine, I invested in myself learning coding, and I know that I’m a skilled communicator. I don’t know when I forgot the urgency of the age we’re living in– society is at the crux, once again, of something amazing. People before me have went off the beaten path for great reward. I am fortunate on many accounts, good health, people I meet usually think I am smart, pretty, and want to help me, and I won’t be struggling economically for at least a few more months. Having these advantages and blessings, I need to be accountable. I need to wake up and meet my potential. I can do this. For my family, for my friends, for posterity….

I’m not playing anymore. Well, except during designated play times.


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