Azteeg X3

Azteeg X3

Yeah… I’m also thinking about this upgrade….

From the RepRap Wiki:

The Azteeg X3 is a full featured, easy to use 3D printer Electronics powered by the reliable and powerful Atmel ATMEGA2560 micro controller.The X3 is designed with excellent high current capability to run most 3D printer configurations including those with dual extruders and large, power hungry heated beds. Will work with Prusa Mendel, Mendel Max, Ordbot, Printrbot, RostockMax and most 3D printers.

We’ve combined the RAMPS and the Arduino Mega into one sleek package, added lots of cool stuff, beefed up power handling and made the Azteeg X3 pin to pin compatible with the popular RAMPS controller. This means you can use it right out of the box. Compatible with all mainstream reprap 3D printer firmwares including SPRINTER, MARLIN, REPETIER and others.

The X3 has a removable top shield to physically protect its parts which also doubles as an expansion board (12-24v Boost power supply for example). Printing via micro SD card is now easier with the built-in microSD slot and also has built in buzzer.” [bold emphasis mine]

That’s the stuff.

Also, just FYI, I’m officially giving up on this year’s NaNoWriMo. But I’m glad I started, because it made me realize how much research I need to do! Everytime I got to work there were just trees of data that I realized I needed to collect if I’m going to have an entertaining but informative novel. I’m committing  to being ready for next year’s, though.


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