Well… unfortunately I didn’t make it in my Prof Comm class. I’m not going to go into details, but I made a mistake that cost me enough points to prevent me from passing.

Honestly, I’m almost more relieved than upset. There was no way I could keep up the lifestyle I was living; I was not getting enough rest, and I was not able to do my best. The only problem is losing my job and needing to find a new one. Okay, no I admit it, I am upset, very upset, and judging myself harshly.

At least I have time to start driving lessons again. I am probably going to live in the same place, since I’ve found one replacement roommate. I don’t think I could afford my own place in Atlanta, even if that might possibly be more strategic. And I’ll be able to code again, and I can throw myself into the 3D printer, finish calibrating it, and complete the tutorial I was working on. Maybe finally become a contributing member of Freeside. I’ll figure it out….


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