Yesterday, I spent the day sleeping, eating, and not denying myself anything. Watched some episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The previous week of high strung tension apparently required a full day’s recovery… and I’m trying not to feel guilty about taking a rest any human needs. Particularly when that human’s body is onslaught with PMS (which, contrary to the latest popular science, certainly exists for me)… I did manage to accomplish most of my chores throughout the day.

I got myself back on track this morning. Alchemy approaches and it is important for me to handle this week with care. This morning I drank my tea outside in the darkness, beside a large stick of burning incense. The silence and gentle rising of the smoke was in stark contrast to the manic repeated accessing of email and social networking and Reddit that characterized yesterday’s day of impulse. It gave me time to think and plan.

I’m terribly excited. My priorities are as follows: complete my readings for class and take the assessments, complete 75% of my annotated bibliography due in a week, plan my Town Hall meeting due on the 28th, complete my graphics assignments, and finish my bellydance scarf. Quite a bit for two days! You bet I’m going to be drinking coffee.

I’m part of a theme camp this year, Camp pARTicipate. I plan to bring pastels, incense, and tea. I plan to bring freeze dried food, burner and kettle, and fruit for my food (and lots of water!).


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