My Coursera courses for this “semester”

Since I didn’t earn a certificate in the Human-Computer-Interaction course, I’m back to try it again.  I’m taking this course to improve my ability to make better user interfaces for web sites and apps. This course started at the end of March and ends at the beginning of June.

I am also taking Statistics: Making Use of Data, which I honestly forgot was in swing until now and will have to do my homework soon.  I’m taking that because one of my main education goals is having as thorough an understanding of statistics as possible. I can only write about what I understand, and if I don’t understand statistics, there isn’t too much interesting out there to write about that anybody from the couch can’t write. This course started on the first and will last 8 weeks.

The last of the currently ongoing courses I’m taking is Synapses, Neurons and Brains. I’ve enjoyed it so far, it started with a talk about connectomics and brainbows, and then went on in much detail about the structure and function of the parts of the brain, with historical asides. For 60 dollars I can apparently buy a verified certificate.  That’s a fairly impressive deal, but I don’t think any of my employers actually care that I’ve studied the brain and consciousness in detail, and anyone else doesn’t matter enough for me to pay 60 bucks to impress them.

In a few days, The Hardware/Software Interface course will begin. I’m taking this one purely for fun and don’t even know if I’ll put the effort in to make sure I get a good score. I’ve just always been curious to learn how it works, other than just “the bits tell Assembly to do stuff”, which is what I know so far.


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