Wordnik is a new way to discover meaning.

If you’re a logophile, there is much to love about Wordnik.  Look up your word, and you’ll get definitions from the top dictionaries, examples of the word in use, related words, and user curated lists.  As well as joining in on creating user curated lists, when you create an account you can also mark words as “loved” which puts cute little hearts next the word and puts them in your favorites (See my favorite words here!).


Related words includes the gems “hypernyms” (a new word for me) which means “a word with a broad meaning that more specific words fall under” and reverse dictionary, words that have your word in their definitions.

Definitely check out the user curated lists each time you look up a word you like.  You will certainly find mellifluous and scintillating words there! Logolepsy is a good start.

Go expand those lexicons!


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