Thermistor kit

Thermistor kit

Apparently this arrived in my mailbox four days ago unbeknownst to me.

So far, I have soldered that yellow and grey cord you see there to the back of the bed. But the thermistor itself? Blast the darn thing. I don’t have a device for crimping the ferrels and goodness knows if i am capable of doing it with a normal crimping device- no success thus far. The folks in the IRC were all “just solder it together and put kapton tape over it”. Heh, that didn’t work, maybe I need a different temperature soldering iron. Plus, I’m out of kapton tape, I used all mine up on the glass bed and didn’t realize I would also need to cover the MK1 with it. So I’m ordering some more and hopefully by the time it gets here, I’ll have regained my patience and prepared the thermistor for being taped on.


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