On a roll

All the productivity gurus say that blogging helps one stay focused on their goals, and they’re right. 

I applied the kapton tape to the glass bed.  I tried to be careful, but there were a couple bubbles that I tried to pop and press down.  There is only one extremely small sliver of glass still exposed near the edge.  I’m not sure whether one layer of tape is enough or whether two layers of tape would be too much, nor whether this small sliver will be a problem or the places where there is a slight over lap.  I used all the kapton tape I had to do this though.

I discovered that only the stepper motor for the extruder needed to have the wires put in the black thing that goes into the pin headers on the arduino.  I tried to accomplish this, but #1 these metal thingies that attach to the end of the wire have got to be the most… frustrating thing.  Also, the instructions say that the bare wire should be in the center of it, but it seems odd to me that the wire wouldn’t go all the way to the end, so I wondered if maybe I’m misinterpreting what they mean by “center”.  I guess in the end the metal probably acts like a sort of wire itself, so maybe it’s not a big deal, but once I put the black cap thing on I won’t be able to take it out.

And I meant wiring the end stops yesterday, when I said stepper motors.  That wasn’t too bad, you just sorta attach the purple ends of the white and black wires to the metal things.

In other news, as anyone who knows me knows, I greatly desire to be one of the Mars astronauts.  This sort of fantasy goal is partly why I try so hard to be a brainiac and early adopter.  Apparently, folks will soon be able to apply.  Now that this fantasy goal seems a bit more real, I’m going to continue to do my best to meet these qualifications.


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