RepRap update!

I stopped by American Hardware in Lithonia and they had most of the parts for Wade’s Geared Extruder as listed on the wiki, but some of the parts they just didn’t have in metric we had to exchange for the closest imperial units *insert Darth Vader heavy breathing*.


They also didn’t have the “skateboard bearings” so I’m gonna have to figure out where I can get those.


I’m about to put it together, but here’s what we replaced…


the M4x60’s we replaced with 8-32 x 2.5″.
the M3x35’s we replaced with 4-40 x 1.5″
the M3 nuts we replaced with 4-40
the M3 washers we replaced with #6’s
and the M8x20 threaded bar we replaced with 5/16″.


So I’ma see if it works and get back to ya!


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