Back to the RepRap

  • I need to acquire a printed bar-clamp. Preferably green.
  • I’ve decided the desouldering tool can’t be the problem.  I went back to my dummy board, and I found some holes that were the same size.  I applied the iron and the souldering still came off clean.  I used the exact same technique back and forth and what were close to identical (from my point of view) problems were not being solved by the same technique.  The soulder is just not melting on the RAMPs board, while it melts rapidly on the dummy board.  Some heat damage must have occurred, although, I really don’t see how.
  • I’ve decided it would be interesting to emboss/etch in labels on the parts when I print them.
  • As you can see from bullet one, I am beginning to associate names with parts… *sheepish grin*
  • I’m going to work on non-electronics based stuff today, until I find out what I’m going to do.
  • Shopping List (for this):
    • 3 X 608 bearings
    • 1 X M8X60 bolt
    • 2 X M3X35 bolts
    • 4 X M4X60 or M4x45 bolts; hex head, longer than 45 mm
    • 2 X M4X20 bolts
    • 3 X M3X10 bolts
    • 1 X M8 nut
    • 6 X M4 nuts
    • 3 X M3 nuts
    • 1 X (M)8X20 piece of smooth or threaded bar
    • 4 X springs
    • 10X M4 washers;
    • 3 X M3 washer
    • 16 M4 washers
    • 4-5 X M8 washers
    • 4 X M3 washers
    • 1 X M3 grub screw
    • 1 X 2.5mm drill

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