Turning Pages

It is always fascinating when I find myself without Internet in my residence.  The way I go about solving problems radically changes which is fun, but sometimes, I just fail to be able to get what I want done which is not so fun.

But it has put a bit more intention in my life. I have to go to school to get online, so I have to have a purpose, especially if I don’t have my charger, this creates a sort of time limit to what I can do, forcing me to pay attention to higher priority events.

I finished reading The User Illusion.  What a mind trip.  I had trouble sleeping, so I started where I left off in the Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition.  It’s a very indepth look at the culture and ideas behind the immortality movement (cryonics and downloading), nanotechnology, and private space flight. 

Reading the arguments pro-downloading were mighty interesting after reading the User Illusion!  I’d love to hear Norretrander’s reaction to the idea and would websearch it if I had more than 10 minutes before laptop death.


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