Two strands functional


I have successfully created two sections of LED strip out of the total nine sections of strip required. So as to not get overwhelmed my plan is one strand soldered daily. I hooked up the mic and tried to get some “sound-reactive” code to work, but it did not. I may have to end up doing way more work than I expected to get the level of sound reaction I desire. Oh well, if by the beach trip I just have funky lights thats OK.

Quick update

I have to make this fast because I only have a few minutes left of my lunch break.

I went to see Kurios last Friday, it was a good time. It was my second Cirque de Soleil show and I am realizing that they have a schema behind their themes. It intensified my desire to write and direct my own acrobatics show….

I should be starting the Athos series soon, but I have not gotten to use the gear as often as I would like. I usually do my workouts directly after work so I have to make sure everything is charged and ready to go before I leave– and I’m the roll out of bed and go type. I will try to do better.

I’ve been prototyping away and trying out Codebender. For the most part it has all been great. I am having a little trouble contacting my new Gemma board though. I don’t recall having any problems with the other one, but for some reason I can’t find the correct port to upload the code to it in the menu, nor found anything on the Internet yet about my problem.

My projects are on hold until I get my next Adafruit package. I learned more about sewing with conductive material and the like and it turns out that an embroidery hoop is useful. In fact, I think for my project it is very much required because I need to make my circuits as durable as possible given the conditions they will be subjected to. For awhile they were out of stock, but they were finally available today and I jumped on it. I also got some connectors for my rig project, so that I can easily clip together the Neopixel strips while assembling the rig. I don’t know if I mentioned here that I have the velcro ready too.



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I need to comb a little harder for my social media org links, but this will do for now.



I was looking at my right right finger and noticed I don’t have a callus there anymore. I used to write and draw enough that the bump there was quite noticeable. In the past few years though, I barely ever use a pencil. I have, however, left an impressive dent mark on the side of my mouse….

During my lunch break I got the 16 AWG wire and velcro I needed… terribly excited for the upcoming weekend.

Habitica is awesome

Routinely has been nice for kinda helping with a daily to-do list and awareness of how often I’m doing something tool. I think it will work great in conjunction with another amazing life planning and data gathering tool that I discovered today, Habitica.

A picture tells 1000 words.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 8.28.47 PMIt is an RPG-like  dungeons and dragons way of tracking your real life activities. That’s my avatar, I’m level 2 and haven’t earned any stuff. That’s my health bar and a level bar. If I don’t do a daily, it hurts my health or if I do a bad habit. If I do a task I get currency and points toward my level. And I can set what my real life rewards that I buy with currency or get my avatar stuff.

It works in the browser, and has android and iOS apps.

I’m wore out from cleaning out the fridge, so this is going to have to do as my review. I am very glad something like this exists and love that it is open source.

Let me know if you want to join my party.

Prototyped it

This weekend, I did not accomplish too much. I had a bit of an emotional Saturday. Um, a private matter from which I recovered by Sunday. On Sunday, I successfully prototyped the circuit to power and control ~ 1m of Neopixel Strip using the Gemma microcontroller and printed an enclosure to protect the Gemma.

I did this the usual way of uploading via putting test code in a new sketch with the arduino app and uploading it from the computer that way. Later I messed around a little with my Flora microcontroller, though I didn’t get too far, I found out there is a neat service called Codebender. This seems promising when it comes to sharing my project with the world.

I’m a little short on time, so as there doesn’t seem to be a smooth integration between my Instagram content and wordpress, I’m going to have to refer your video needs to said platform, just click the image below.  You can hear the Replicator 2 printing away in the background. :3


So, I’m a little conflicted on this part because, Ben seems to think breaking the neopixel into 1 m sections is probably not necessary. Which would mean, maybe I should only cut 2 m sections?  Yet, the documentation says there will be discoloration and I would like to minimize it, and the recommendation is to power it in branches? But that’s the next step I guess, is to get two LED strips powered in parallel. I might just do 2m first to see how it looks. If it looks good, I’ll just make something else light up with the 1m strip I cut to test.

EDIT (3/31): I totally know how I’m going to do this now. I am going to break it into the 1 m sections, and I was completely overthinking how to get it to happen.

I also did do a squat workout test of Athos, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to provide that information here. You can “Share” your workout using the Athos app, but thus far I am not terribly impressed with the information detail that provides. I probably will need to get some sort of screen capture tool on the Ipod and maybe it has the wordpress app.