Military contribution to global climate crisis

Military assault on global climate (2011)

The projected full costs of the Iraq war (estimated $3 trillion) would cover “all of the global investments in renewable power generation” needed between now and 2030 to reverse global warming trends.

Some argue that the death of the people killed by war causes the emissions to even out, making the deforestation the actual environmental travesty, but I’m not convinced and even kind of angry about the suggestion. The remaining people have to rebuild which causes them to expend more energy tham they would have and the people killed are usually not people living carbon intensive lives, but being killed by those people for the purposes of enriching themselves to live even more carbon intensive lives. I’m also perturbed that we don’t haven’t had any additional research I’m this area for 6 years.

But the Wikipedia article on it is also a good starting place for wrapping ones mind around what we continue to do to ourselves.

Excerpt from Manufacturing Consent 

The United States attacked South Vietnam, arguably by 1962 and unquestionably by 1965, expanding its aggression to all of Indochina with lethal and long-term effects. Media coverage or other commentary on these events that does not begin by recognizing these essential facts is mere apologetics for terrorism and murderous aggression. The United States was “defending South Vietnam” in the same sense in which the Soviet Union is “defending Afghanistan.”

In a revealing article entitled “Lessons of Running Viets’ War,” published in August 1987, Stanley Karnow, a veteran Asia correspondent and author of a highly regarded liberal history of the Vietnam War, argues that the United States erred in Vietnam because it allowed the Vietnamese people to depend too heavily on us. 47 Reciprocally, the South Vietnamese people also “allowed themselves to be lulled into a complacent sense of dependency on the United States,” thinking we wouldn’t back down, not realizing that small clients are expendable. The South Vietnamese people who fought the U.S. invasion are never mentioned, or considered to be “South Vietnamese” within Karnow’s patriotic frame, although they constituted the majority of the population and the only serious political force…

We cannot quite say that the propaganda model is verified in the case of the Indochina wars, since it fails to predict such extraordinary, far-reaching, and exceptionless subservience to the state propaganda system. The fact that this judgment is correct—as it plainly is—is startling enough. Even more revealing with regard to Western intellectual culture is that the simple facts cannot be perceived, and their import lies far beyond the bounds of the thinkable.

You can also read an excerpt from Manufacturing Consent about the Freedom of the Press here:

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web 4

Aerial and Movement Art on the Web 1 2 3

This post will explore art depicting fire dancers on the web

Kimberlee Traub creates pen and ink illustrations as well as other forms of art. She sells her art on Etsy. Artist is a burner. This piece was commissioned for PEX Summer Fest. 

Alex Grey is a prolific visionary artist whose art is inspired by anatomy and spirituality. He sells his art on his personal web site.

Poi Girl original acrylic on stretched canvas by Pamela Neswald, Pamela uses a variety of media and styles in her paintings and paints a wide variety of subject material. She sells her art on Etsy. 

Kendra Henderson creates woodcut images on handmade washi paper. She sells her art on Etsy. 

Pathless land

I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path.


Is the truth pathless? I think truth is a path, but specifically an arbitrary path. We experience it on the level where we are interpreting many arbitrary paths working in tandem with our senses. We build systems of systems of representations in order to handle the stochastic behavior of our environment.  Our mind is equipped with the biological technology required to continuously improve our representational systems with time and experience and adapt to the unexpected.
I do agree that organizations should not be formed to coerce anyone.  However, I think that organizations formed to lead people are unavoidable and I disagree that they shouldn’t be formed. There are, of course, many weaknesses that organizations can experience. Just like people study can psychology and neuroscience to understand themselves, they can study sociology, history, and rhetoric to understand how to diagnose those problems in their organization. But as an organization’s weaknesses are as unavoidable as our cognitive weaknesses, there is benefit of a multiplicity of specialized organizations, because they create diversity in a “pool of truth” that can be used to adapt “guesses at the truth” to the unexpected or to new information.

“Her Path to Divinity” Bryan Kent Ward 


Perspective-making, perspective-taking

[…] consciousness is so much more than an evolutionary accident or epiphenomenal to biochemical processes in our heads — consciousness is, in fact, fundamentally woven into the universe itself. […] What we are saying is that some degree of subjectivity is indeed present all the way up and all the way down the evolutionary ladder, from the tiniest quarks to the biggest brains. This consciousness can be loosely described as a ‘perspective-making, perspective-taking’ system that creates, collects, and organizes deeper, wider, more sophisticated points-of-view as it develops.

Ken Wilber & Allan Combs (2010)

Cross stitch 

Cross stitching takes forever. After many hours this weekend, still haven’t completed a hoop area. But getting close.

I have ordered some replacement floss for the brown and grey because I have misplaced them. I also ordered floss I’m many colors as well as some roving and mixed batt. 

My next two cross stitching projects~

(This one I will of course add aerial silks to.)